Valeriia Lysenko

Mariupol, Ukraine

2022 / 2023

motion graphics artist, illustrator, hand poke tattoo artist


sketching, digital illustration, line art and graphics, storyboards, animated illustration, motion graphics, motion design, handpoke tattoo



2010-2014: Mariupol State University, Bachelor in International Economics
2015 – present: self education, courses in illustration and animation at Coursera, School of Motion, Mograph Mentor, Motion Design School, Linkedin Learning, Cineversity, Skillshare.


Professional experience

2021 – present: freelance Motion Graphics Artist
Creating various types of 2d animation, such as personal projects, animated illustrations, cell animation, motion graphics, motion design and other.

2020 – present: freelance Illustrator
Creating digital illustrations in 2D style for various projects, such as postcards, posters, private commissions, content for social media, advertising illustrations, personal projects and other.

2019 – present: Handpoke Tattoo Artist




Realization of a home studio in Mariupol (Ukraine); Participation as a tattoo artist in “UA Love fest”, Prague (Czech Republic); Organisation of a creative workshop for Ukrainian refugee teenagers in Svitlo space, Prague (Czech Republic); Participation in the street festival and created a wall painting, Brescia (Italy).


Mentorship work in the creative space “ТЮ”, Mariupol (Ukraine); Organisation of a series of creative workshops on different topics for teenagers and participation in the artist residence “ARTEL” hosted by Gogol Fest, Mariupol (Ukraine).


Work in the Lucy tattoo studio, Tbilisi (Georgia). @leraelur Getroffen, aber nicht gebrochen | Kleine Zeitung, 19.02.2023 Küchengespräch | Kronen Zeitung, 21.02.2023
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