Snežana Petković

Novi Sad, Serbien


bildende Künstlerin im Bereich visuelle und inhaltliche Forschung



Snežana Petković is a research-based artist engaged in visual and textual research in the field of intimacy (of space, objects and people) where she always tries to understand and make seemingly invisible patterns from her environment transparent, starting from personal experiences. She approaches the work critically and analytically, creating a delicate network of intimate conversations with the object (subject) of research.

In her projects, Snežana shows clear tendencies towards a repetitive, almost hoarder’s approach, which often results in an extensive opus of actions, archives, photographs and information. All this further leads to a physically demanding production of the work itself. Important part of her project production consists of repetition, to whose meditative nature artist attaches a lot of importance too.

Snežana’s works were part of numerous group exhibitions in Serbia and abroad. Her project „A Thing“ received an Honorable mention award at the World Biennale of Student Photography. She has exhibited solo at the Student’s City Cultural Center, CK13 Gallery and online on Oblakoder Magazin. She is a participant of several European residency programs and projects. @snek_i
© Jovan Lazučić