KultRent is a service provided by Kulturvermittlung Steiermark that offers free or highly affordable exhibition materials. The underlying idea is to enable a multiple use of equipment resources and compensate for a general lack of storage capacity.

Are you an artist?
Do you need to organize an exhibition or an event?
Do you require picture frames?
Are you searching for monitors, partition walls, easels, media players, or other equipment?

Then you’re in the right place! KultRent is THE service point for artists, cultural initiatives, schools, and all individuals in need of exhibition equipment. We provide a pool of materials and media for professional project implementation.

Picture frames | Partition walls (Syma system) | Projectors | LCD screens | DVD media players | Digital picture frames | Lighting fixtures | Easels | Projector screens | Cables | Adapters | etc.

More than 100 projects are supported and made possible through KultRent every year.

Picture frames

with glass or plexiglass
24 × 30 cm 30 × 40 cm
40 × 40 cm 40 × 50 cm
50 × 50 cm 50 × 65 cm
50 × 70 cm 60 × 80 cm
60 × 85 cm 70 × 90 cm
60 × 90 cm 70 × 100 cm
80 × 110 cm 90 × 120 cm
special sizes on request

Partition walls

white/aluminum frame


technical details on request

Projector screens

2m × 3m

LCD screens


DVD media players

technical details on request

Digital picture frames

8", 12"

Lighting fixtures

with stand


technical details on request

Cables, adapters etc.

technical details on request

Please note: The KultRent logo must be used on printed materials (flyers, posters, etc.). If necessary, Kulturvermittlung Steiermark will provide a logo board for the exhibition. In the absence of proper acknowledgment of support by KultRent, a compensation fee according to the current tariff will be charged.


Reservation of materials by correctly completing and sending the lending form
by post to
Kulturvermittlung Steiermark, Wielandgasse 9/I, 8010 Graz
or by email to

Note: The press reports listed below relate to events for which equipment was provided as part of the KultRent project.


2000 Gäste feierten am “Fest für alle” | Woche Steiermark, 21.06.2023

Geco Festival | Falter, 31.05.2023


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